Welcome to my homepage. The initial version of this was produced as part of a first semester task at the University for Applied Sciences in Karlsruhe, where I did my bachelor's and am currently pursuing a master's degree. Since then, it has received some major and several minor overhauls, but I don't spend a lot of time documenting my activities the way others do in their blogs and other online presences. At some point, I documented some of my projects, but since then, new ones have been started that are not represented on this site. They will be added when I am having another documentation spree.

This site is now the home of some of my projects, articles (some of which I have been asked to write and some of which are no longer accessible via the menu, because they are severely out of date or no longer reflect my opinions). On the page you are reading now, I will try to say a few words about who I am and what I do.


My passion is computer science. My main fields of interest are programming languages, compilers and the formalisms and implementations behind them. I enjoy thinking about how to express ideas in understandable and semantically rich ways and like to design domain specific languages that enable one to do that.

I am also forced to think about build system design, as I have been unable to find a build system that meets my needs, but it is not my main academic interest. Recently, I have started working on a build system prototype built on OMake. After its feature set and syntax stabilise, I may start generating recipes for other build systems, such as the GNU autotools, from the OMake build descriptions.

At the moment, my languages of choice for most tasks are OCaml, C++ and Perl. Knowledge of OCaml is my most recent acquisition and is not very deep, yet, but some of my projects are written in it and I plan on using it more.

I have recently moved most of my code to the open source repository hosting platform github. A mirror of this website is also hosted there. Some of my code is still hosted by Xinutec, but those are projects I no longer work on or that have been suspended.